FitRadar for iOS (plus new server)

FitRadar for iOS has been sent to Apple! It’s currently in review with some great features!

We’ve also already started on the next version that should be ready in a couple of weeks with some show-stopping additions. We’ve got nearby chat [chat with people nearby to you], profiles [gender, age, public usernames], plus the inclusion of private messaging to the mobile platform so you can start sending private messages to those you’ve really wanted to.

Another update to the site, is that we have moved servers (again), but this move has some great implications for the site.. We’ve got greater access to our server meaning we can start adding push notifications as well as some other mint stuff.

We are also looking for a couple of interested developers who would like to join the team part time. These people would need to be available, check their email often and generally feel like they would love to be part of a great team.

We have some amazing plans for FitRadar and can’t want to share these to you all. But, for now, that’s all folks! More soon from the team.

FitRadar Beta API Changes

With the new release of the FitRadar android app, some changes are being made to the API to make them more secure. This will mean the app may become unusable until later on this evening where an update will be pushed out to the Android Market.

FitRadar for Android

The Android mobile app for FitRadar is well on its way to completion!

I can’t give a release date until the final changes have been made to the app and a whole load of testing has been done.

New Server

The site has been moved onto a brand new server! The site may be a bit rough for a few hours but all the data has been restored and things seem to be running fine.

BETA Progress

Hope you all had a great Easter holidays, I know I did. But the last week was spent rewriting the whole of the FitRadar website from the ground up. I could estimate that only 1% of the code from the previous website was reused.

The rewriting of the website meant that I could really incorporate some new great ideas and add them on pretty easily. For example, I am in the middle of making a developer API so those out there who ask can utilise it to make their own Android, Windows, Blackberry, iOS apps. Although, there is some extensive work being put into a new iOS app that should be out in the near future.

Add Locations

You can now add your own locations! - If there are non nearby you, then drag/drop the marker on the map to a location and add a name! It’s that simple. Then when you create a new post, that location will come up nearby you.

Locations within locations

One thing that got annoying, was if the location you were at was huge, you could never actually pinpoint where you were. This has change with the new update and now you can add locations within locations. For example, to create one, click add to an existing location and voila! Input a name for it and next time you post a new radar you can select the additional location.

Going Global

One of the most exciting new features to the website, is that it is no longer restricted to a select few cities in the UK. Finally you can visit any city in the world (or any town) and start posting! Just make sure to update your location ;)

When you register to the site, an approx location is stored with your login. This means that every time you login to the site, you will only see the feed from around your area. Of course, you can visit your account settings and change your location when needed.

iOS Application

This is going to be brilliant! We are on the verge of deploying a great iOS app for you all to check out! This will obliterate the boundaries of the website and make it a much more social experience. The app has an inbuilt geolocation feature that means where ever you walk you will see feeds from close to your location.

Detailed View

Each post now has a “Detailed View”! This is great as it keeps all information related to a certain post on one page. A post now has a map showing it’s location, a list of comments and again the ‘like’ feature (which has been developed a bit more).


Private messaging has been improved on and should work a lot better now. You also have the option to mark messages as read and also archive them.

Next Stage…

After all these improvements I can honestly say, we are not yet done! Over the next few weeks (and as the user base grows) we will be improving the site and adding even more new features. Bugs will be there and they will be found so be patient. If you find anything that breaks, please drop me an email so we can sort it out.

In terms of new features, we’ve still got a long way to go too. Some things that will be implemented:

  • Better searching
  • Favourite Posts
  • List of your own posts
  • Customised feed (follow locations, follow users)
  • Connecting with Facebook/Twitter.
  • More social experience

With the addition of the iOS app, we should start to get some new great ideas coming through. If you have any ideas you think you would like to be added to the site, drop us an email (address below).


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